Demand that Amazon.com and Jeff Bezos Commit $Billions to Restore the Amazon Rainforest

Climate scientists have long emphasized the vital role of the Amazon rainforest in absorbing CO2 emissions and hosting an incredible wealth of biodiversity. They warn that deforestation is pushing the Amazon to a tipping point that would disrupt both its ecosystem and the global climate, as rates of forest destruction have increased rapidly over the last two years. The Amazon rainforest, including the animals and indigenous people who depend on it, need a solution that ends deforestation NOW and can help reduce climate change.

Enough money could preserve the rainforest, protect indigenous people, and provide viable alternatives for small farmers and ranchers. It just so happens that Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com have more than enough money to make preserving the Amazon forest a reality.  On February 17th, Bezos announced that he is pledging $10 Billion to start the eponymous Bezos Earth Fund. He gave no specific promise to protect and restore the Amazon rainforest, but the fund certainly has that potential. We believe that a significant, multi-billion dollar investment is urgently needed. Committing a few billion dollars to save the Amazon rainforest now can prevent a climate and biodiversity catastrophe.

The Amazon rainforest cools the planet. If we lose it, we jeopardize global well-being.
We must immediately halt deforestation and begin restoring this vital ecosystem.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important carbon sinks that can help reduce climate change, and is among the most biodiverse places on Earth. All of this is at risk, as rates of forest destruction are increasing. As science is showing, we are dangerously close to cross a tipping point that could permanently threaten the viability of the Amazon rainforest, and thereby jeopardize regional water cycles and perhaps any hopes for escaping runaway climate destabilization.

We are scientists who have been studying the Amazon and all its wondrous assets for many decades. Today, we stand exactly in a moment of destiny: The tipping point is here, it is now.

Thomas E. Lovejoy and Carlos Nobre
Deforestation in Para, Brazil from 1984 – 2018, via Google Earth Engine — from Science Friday

There is no reason to think that Amazon.com is particularly ‘at fault’ for the Amazon deforestation crisis, and when it comes to the climate crisis, they may be no more (but are certainly no less) responsible than many other multinational corporations. However, it is apparent that Amazon.com and Jeff Bezos have the financial resources to act on our behalf. We must pressure them to use their money to help humanity deal with this urgent threat. They chose the Amazon name, so we choose them to step up.

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Meditate for the Amazon

Experience the peaceful power in shared contemplation of the beauty and wonder of the Amazon rainforest and wishes for increasing well-being of this sacred place.


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